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Be The Greater Good

Are you a recent graduate?
An enthusiastic adult?
An active retiree?

Tutors on our Literacy and Academic Success Team
help children succed in school and in life!

We have just opened several tutor positions, so NOW is the time to apply.

How to Get Started

The term of service will be September 1, 2021 through June 30, 2022.

We'll provide paid training and
you'll earn a monthly living allowance of $2,100
and an education award of $6,345!

You can also apply via our Service Year listing.

Service Year




Gain skills and experience that will
help you

stand out to future employers,

while you have a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Get paid and earn a scholarship for school,

as you create the future our country deserves.



I am more than me

There are many people who consider a Service Year an important step in their career plan. Those who begin the program not knowing what they want to do get a much better sense of their career goals upon graduating from their term of service.

  • Because AmeriCorps members work at schools and with non-profit organizations, it's a great way to network with people in those worlds.
  • Many community leaders started out as AmeriCorps members themselves.
  • It’s also a great stepping stone for a government career because it demonstrates a passion for and a commitment to public service.


Be the greater good

Our nation faces immense challenges. You can help.

  • make things better through tutoring programs that improve literacy among hundreds of children right now ...
  • ... and lower dropout rates in the future.


Top 10 reasons to consider a Service Year

  1. Network in the community.
  2. Build your leadership skills.
  3. $6,345 Education Award. Pay back student loans. Continue your education. Pass it along to a child, grandchild, or foster child. Or take continuing education or personal enrichment classes.
  4. Give back to your community. The time is now!
  5. Student loan forbearance and interest payments.
  6. Monthly living allowance of $2,100.
  7. Real-world work experience.
  8. Strengthen your resume and college applications.
  9. Help children succeed in school and in life.
  10. Get the satisfaction that comes from taking on challenges and seeing results. 


How to Get Started


Open doors to your future

  • Get real-life education and work experience wrapped into one.
  • Build real professional and leadership skills.
  • Gain an understanding of how to tackle to the challenges faced by communities where you serve.
  • 88% of alumni report they have used the skills they gained during service in their next job or school.
  • You'll meet seriously awesome people along the way.