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Classes of 2005-2010

My experience has been extremely fulfilling. When I came into the program I was somewhat timid with new people and new situations. I came out of the program with leadership skills that I did not have or even hope to have before. I intend to continue to volunteer throughout my life, and seeing me volunteer over the last two years has made my daughter want to volunteer as well.

Dayl Holmes, Class of 2009 and 2010


Regardless of your station in life, learning does not stop at a certain age. What I learned 38 years ago, I grudgingly admitted had to be updated. So, why not learn about yourself, and at the same time lend a helping hand to bring a smile even to one child?

Mili Huntington, Class of 2010


This year has given me back a sense of assurance that I had forgotten. Even though I was the oldest team member this year, I learned that new experiences and new adventures are exciting and I can still learn and grow each day. I learned to not underestimate myself. This experience also opened my eyes to so many opportunities that I didn’t even know were there. My children and grandchildren look at me and see a woman who has taken responsibility for her own life again.

Linda Einspahr, Class of 2010


Being new to the community, RSC gave me a chance to be productive and feel good about myself. I discovered that service is a good way to give back and share the resources I have. I hope to serve others until I am no longer able. If people give themselves a chance they can do great things and learn even more. You can continue to grow your entire life.

Mike Hanes, Class of 2010, 2011, and 2012


I have seen first hand what volunteers can do for a community and how appreciative people are for a volunteer’s service. It is truly rewarding.

Chelsey Betsinger, Class of 2010


What made the greatest impact on me and what I will remember the most about this year are the people, both on our team and those we met and worked with in the community. The team members were just a great group of people to be around, fun to be with, and dedicated to the service projects we did, always wanting to do the best job possible.  

My main interest in joining was to have the opportunity to become more aware and informed about what was going on in the Tri-Cities, and what non profit organizations there are and what they are doing. I believe I now have a better insight into the backbone of the community.

The greatest point, I think, is that one person can make a difference, but more people working together can accomplish a tremendous amount. I now feel more connected to this community, and proud to be able to go to various locations and say “Hey, I helped do that.”

Phyllis Leishman, Class of 2009


AmeriCorps also made it possible for me to pay off my student loans and go back to school. My time serving in an elementary school has helped me rethink my possible career choices and has given me a genuine desire to start learning again.

Bryan Axelson, Class of 2009


I am proud to say that I have spent two years of my life giving back to my country.  I got so much from my experience.  I learned how to be a team player, an effective citizen, a teacher, a co-worker, and a friend.  All of these experiences led to skills and lessons I will take with me the rest of my life. 

One thing that I have learned about myself this year is that my strengths and talents are constantly growing and endless.  I thought that I had a good idea of what kind of leader I am, but I learned that I could take on new roles or styles and flourish!  

I truly believe that I have made a difference with the youth that I have worked with over this past year.  I have seen kids that didn’t have goals or a dream improve their attendance and succeed in school.   

My decision to serve my community for two years through the Regional Service Corps has impacted every corner of my life.  I thought that I knew what I wanted to do with my life, what career I wanted and where I would end up.  After having this incredible experience, I have a new vision and direction for my life.  I now want to be a school counselor. My purpose in life is to now make sure every child that I work with know and understand that they are a strong capable person who is capable of wonderful things. 

Brittany Williamson, Class of 2008 and 2009

I believe my greatest achievement of the past year at AmeriCorps has to be how active and aware of my community I have become.  By getting out and doing so much volunteer work during the past year I have learned a lot about my community and I believe I have also filled a very important niche in my community. I have learned that there is a big need for volunteers in my community and that anyone can do something when volunteering as the jobs come in all shapes and sizes.  

Kristina Ruddles, Class of 2008 and 2009