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Service as a strategy for meeting community needs.

Serve Tri-Cities is pleased to invite schools, faith-based and community organizations, government agencies, and other not-for-profits to apply to become an AmeriCorps Host Site. AmeriCorps Members can be part of your organizations’ short- or long-term strategies to address community needs.

Whether your goal is to make our community safer or stronger or smarter, give people a second chance, or help protect the environment, partnering with AmeriCorps can help you to get things done by providing support that builds your agency’s capacity and increases your visibility in the community.

Since 1992, our Members have helped organizations to cost-effectively deliver essential services that they would not ordinarily have had the resources to deliver.

As a Host Site, you will help select who will be working with your clients. The Members in our National Civilian Service Program range in age from 18 - 81. Some come to us with graduate degrees, and others with a wealth of life experience. Some are retired and eager to pursue a passion for giving back; others are looking for an opportunity to lead or develop new skills sets and increase their knowledge of our community. All must pass a basic skills test, a three-tier background check, rigorous selection process, and three weeks of Pre-Service Training prior to serving.

Current and former Host Sites include schools, housing authorities, emergency preparedness agencies, economic development initiatives, after-school programs, senior services, food banks, youth development programs, and more. As a federal program, AmeriCorps is nonpartisan and Members may not engage in lobbying, political advocacy, fundraising, or religious activities.

Members focus on providing direct services to those in need, and increasing the capacity of their host sites. For nine months—October through June—of each year, Members serve full-time and daily under the supervision of your site’s staff. For two days each month, they attend trainings sponsored by the STC program operator. Each member also participates in a variety of one day, community service projects during his/her term of service.

"It is a pleasure to have Diane as a part of our staff. She has had a great impact on student learning here!"  — Dora Noble, Virgie Robinson Elementary

"Medora’s reliability and work ethic are an asset to our program. Her support enables us to provide a higher level of service to a greater audience."  — Rachel Little, Benton Conservation District

General Guidelines

1. Projects must address critical needs within one of the following areas:
     · Education or Youth Development            · Public Safety
     · Health and other human needs               · The environment

AmeriCorps Members can tutor and mentor disadvantaged youth, fight illiteracy, improve health services, build affordable housing, teach computer skills, help seniors live independently, clean parks and streams, manage or operate after-school programs, help communities respond to disasters, and help you build organizational capacity and mobilize community volunteers.

2. Applications must demonstrate that the placement will address a significant unmet need and that the Member's service activities will directly benefit the communities served. The impact of the service (s) provided must be measurable.

3. The project may not include administrative duties that support general organizational goals such as clerical, janitorial responsibilities, lunch/recess duty or data entry. Such duties that support the service goals of the specific approved project are allowable.

4. Service activities may not duplicate routine functions of or displace paid employees. Nor may they displace existing volunteers. The sponsoring organization must have a Drug Free Work Place Policy and a Non-Discrimination Policy.

5. Host Sites may apply for an October start date. Members typically serve at sites from October through June.

6. Host Sites must demonstrate the ability to meet the required local, non-federal cash match requirement. The must also commit to providing documentation of in-kind match; this includes supervision and mentoring, training opportunities, office space and materials, mileage reimbursement, bus passes, or other non-monetary support.

Please contact us at 509.546.0180 or email to learn more, request application materials, or discuss service as a strategy.


"I look forward to working with your crew each year. RSC Member support supplies us with beneficial services that we would otherwise not be able to provide."  — Jim Hall, Kadlec Regional Medical Center

The Regional Service Corps has been a valuable partner and resource for the Mid-Columbia Libraries for ten years now. "They were instrumental in getting our volunteer program started [and the new] RSC Literacy Program Assistant enables us to reach a larger group of parents and children and supports early literacy and school readiness."  — Sarah Johnson, Mid-Columbia Libraries

AmeriCorps Host Sites

Current and past Host Sites using service as a strategy to meet community needs:

  • ARC of the Tri-Cities
  • Benton Conservation District
  • Benton-Franklin Community Action Committee *
  • Benton-Franklin Juvenile Justice Center *
  • Benton-Franklin Substance Abuse Coalition *
  • Benton-Franklin Volunteer Center *
  • Building Bridges (Pasco School District)
  • Columbia River Exhibition of History, Science and Technology *
  • Edith Bishel Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired
  • Franklin Conservation District *
  • Home Base (City of Kennewick) *
  • Kennewick School District *
  • Kiona-Benton School District *
  • Mid-Columbia Libraries *  
  • North Franklin School District *
  • Pasco Community Truancy Board
  • Pasco Housing Authority *
  • Pasco Parks and Recreation *
  • Pasco School District *  Since 1992!
  • Phoenix High School *
  • Prosser Economic Development Association
  • Prosser School District *
  • Richland School District elementary schools *
  • Senior Companion Program *
  • Task Force for a Safe Community (Pasco) *
  • Vista Hermosa Elementary *
  • Vista Youth Center *

* denotes multiple years