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Unique People

It takes unique people to dedicate a year of their lives to service.



We appreciate those, of most any age, who bring their own gifts, talents and skills.

T' Holt, Class of 2006 and 2007


Hopefully, those gifts include a can-do attitude, a sense of humor, a zest for learning, and, enthusiasm for serving others!

Jeannette Jarrett, Class of 2007

You'll get as much responsibility as you can handle.

Mike Hanes, Class of 2007 and 2008

It is essential that you are willing to work with a diverse team of people and are committed to the idea and practice of service as a way to improve yourself and the lives of others.

Megan Weber, Class of 2007

Self-discipline and motivation are central to success. You can be certain that whatever the project, your commitment to action will have a long-term impact.

Nancy, DeLisle Class of 2007

You'll do work that challenges you beyond what most people experience.

Shashanna Slack, Class of 2006

While not a requirement for joining, bi-literate members in English/Spanish and English/Russian are needed in almost all the schools we serve.