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Leadership Enhancements

Whether you're an experienced leader with a successful career behind you, or someone with no training and work/service experience at all, there are many opportunities to fine-tune or develop exceptional leadership skills during your Service Year.

If you think that's just another cliché, take just a moment and check in with our alumni.

Learn more, do more, be more ...

Leadership is an interesting and multi-faceted dynamic. Maybe you'll be at he head of the pack ... or perhaps you want to experience leading from behind and mentoring less-confident, but ready-to-learn team mates. Either way, as you provide vital services, lead projects, and organize and deliver presentations, you will gain new insights into the nature of leadership.

You'll also come to appreciate time management, develop understanding of numerous educational strategies, learn patience, and put into practice a variety of individual and group development skills. And, you'll  learn more about yourself and how you respond to the many new people, situations, and challenges you will encounter during your year of service.