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Literacy and Academic Success Team

Making a difference that will LAST!

Strong reading skills are essential to a student's success in virtually all areas of learning. Yet statewide assessments for 2016-17 showed that 42% of Washington's fifth graders tested did not meet state standards for reading and more than 52% did not meet state standards for math. Members generally work with small groups of students at a local elementary school. 

Your goal: Help students become enthusiastic and succeed in school and in life.

Building on the overwhelming success of the reading projects over the previous three years, RSC decided to be the first in the state (and perhaps country) to pilot a Math Corps program in September 2000. Components include in-class and small group tutoring, Family Math Nights and more! Look into most any math textbook and you'll see an emphasis on concepts like main idea, research, and vocabulary building. You'll work with students so they get the help they need with math facts and computation applications geared toward improving their ability to problem-solve.

In 2005-06, we decided to blend the Math Tutor and Reading Tutor positions into a single role. This provides much needed support for students and schools and recognizes the powerful role that reading plays in math. Our members report that the combined Literacy Tutor assignment provides a richer service experience.